I called SoCal Addiction Treatment not knowing what to expect as the process for my rehabilitation. My apprehension was instantly subsided once I began speaking with their staff. They recognized the attention and information I needed and quickly provided the care I wanted. I arrived at their beautiful San Clemente, California location and instantly felt the peace and comfort of a clean, quiet and serene home. The ocean and canyon views were simply breathtaking. This drug rehab center not only started me on my rehabilitation journey, they also helped customize a treatment plan that worked best for me. I highly recommend this team of professionals. – Adam, San Clemente

We provide unparalleled CARE and SUPPORT to introduce and preserve PEACE.

Complete Recovery Treatment Plan - We Will Guide You Through Each Step

It is within the initial treatment (detox) that the specific needs of each patient become identified. The most effective stage to determine the next phase of rehabilitation is during this process, not before.

24 Hour Care with the Comforts of Home

The only program to offer 24 hour physician on-call availability and state-of-the-art mobile medical units that respond to our facility within minutes, keeping you healthy and safe.

Highest Quality & Compassion Care. Support. Peace.

Our team is qualified and compassionate—always available to discuss resident’s treatment plans, what to expect, and proven methods for the best and most comfortable detox transition.

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Most health insurance companies do have a section in their policy for insurance covered drug and alcohol treatment.


Experience Care, Support and Peace.

We are waiting to answer your call and help you or your loved one receive the care and support that finally introduces and sustains peace. Let us help you begin that successful road to recovery, once and for all.

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